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Stop wasting time, multiply it - Time management tips
Mar 13, 2022   Ritu Suhag
Time Management Tips

All of us some or the other time have come through these quotes.

"If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes"


"Time management is life management"


"Time is more valuable than money you can get more money but not more time"

Let's start by asking ourself some thought provoking questions like

  1. Why it is always that inspite of all the the technology, mini computers in our pockets 24x7, we are always lagging behind in our work ?
  2. As the world it is growing with a very fast pace, we have all the time management apps, despite that we are not able to manage our time and end up drained.
  3. Why we are in so much stress about our work ? now a days people are having so much mental issues ?

When analysed the main reason behind all these problems was that we mismanage our time. We are emotional creatures not logical . We tend to take every action emotionally despite of logically. In the same way we spend our time emotionally not logically.

Important lessons regarding time:-

  • You cannot control time time will come and go. the only thing you can control is self management.
  • To multiply time use 3D time management. Set your priorities give importance to important works first.

Three dimensions of time management are:

  1. Urgency: How soon you should do it ?
  2. Importance:  How important that work is to do ?
  3. Significance:  How long will this work matter ?

You should give importance to that work first which will impact your tomorrow that is which will make you more efficient that tomorrow you need to work less.

  • We should use multipliers in our work. To do that we need to practice 3 steps :-
  1. Eliminate:  it simply means that before making a to-do list, first make a "Not To Do list " learn to say no.
  2. Automate: it means making a simple process today which will save your time tomorrow.
  3. Delegate : you can outsource your  unimportant work so that you have enough time for your important stuff and you can multiply your time.

This whole passage is based on the book "Procrastinate on purpose" by Rory vaden. In the end we can only conclude that

मायूस मत हो वजूद तेरा छोटा नहीं

तू वो कर सकता है

जो किसी ने सोचा नहीं ।।

Article contributed by Ritu Suhag


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