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Wide choices of charts for students, teachers, researchers, marketing, sales and more
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  • Visualize with more than 20 chart types
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  • Easy switch between charts with same data
  • CSV templates availables for easy start
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Comparative Analysis Chart for Researchers, Sales, Marketing executives.

Now compare data visually

Types of animated charts or graph

Hover your cursor over these live charts

Gantt Chart

Timeline Chart

Area Chart

Bar Chart

Bubble Chart

Candlestick Chart

Column Chart

Combo Chart

Gauge Chart

Geographical Chart


Line Chart

Organizational Chart

Pie Chart

Donut Chart

Sankey Chart

Scatter Chart

Stepped Area Chart

Word Tree/ Mind Map Chart

Trendline Chart


How to create a chart in 4 easy Steps

Prepare data in CSV

We follow open source standards of data, so prepare your data for plotting in charts in .CSV format as per the need of each chart. Sample CSV templates for each chart.

Preparing CSV file in excel

Sample CSV Templates »

Upload CSV

Once your data is ready in CSV formats specified for each chart. Simply Click Create Chart below and select the desire chart type and upload the CSV. Click Create.

upload csv and click create

Customize chart

After initial chart has been generated. Customize the chart with options available in the left side of your plotted chart.

customize chart

Export Image

Once the complete chart has been fully customized as per requirements. Check the button against Export Image in options and Click Update.

export image in high resolution

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

CSV means Comma Separated Values. It is an plaintext file which can be created in any operating system and does not required specialized software.
Best way to create CSV file from Microsoft Excel file. Once all data is ready in Excel file, it can be save as .CSV file extension by changing the file type in Save Dialog as shown in the picture below. Save Excel as CSV
Yes, Sample CSV files are available for all charts, which can be downloaded and modified to suit your needs. Download CSV Templates for charts
These charts can be useful for students, teachers, researchers, marketing, sales personnel for preparing professional documents, presentation or research articles.

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